World of Bobby Arthur

World of Bobby ArthurBorn in the United Kingdom and raised in Canada, designer Bobby Arthur has spent the last 20 years living, traveling, designing, and creating in South East Asia.

After being educated in the Mid West of the US and a short period  residing in Los Angeles, Bobby Arthur relocated permanently across the pond from the west to the east for a different perspective, view and life style.

Although Bobby Arthur Jewelry is based out of Hong Kong and Los Angeles, none of the collection is made in China. While experienced in most of SE Asia, Bobby Arthur chose Indonesia - Bali in fact, to set up the brand's long-standing creative studio and production team. This is a boutique setting studio so each piece is nurtured into fruition.

"It’s a different world and a different time. All our technology, machinery and materials come from Europe, while our long-standing team of craftsmen that work closely beside me are artisans with a hand tradition passed down through the generations. It the best of both worlds and for any one in the know, Bali is a hub of creative breath and magic!"

Bobby Arthur Jewelry is simplistic in nature, balanced and individual. Weather  contemporary or ornate, a simplicity and elegance is  always present.

Low key and humble, Bobby Arthur is a self-described semi recluse that loves people. Those in the know have seen his work on the catwalk in Paris or in videos and live performances with A-list super stars. He often shares his experience and talent silently on well-known collaborations rarely taking credit for undeniably stunning and expertly executed center pieces. 

Welcome to the simple, understated yet stunning world of Bobby Arthur Jewelry
Size Guide


Stop guessing, learn how to accurately measure your ring. Please use the information below to help you make an informed decision. There are a number of things to consider when determining your ring size.



"The Paper Test"




"The Secret Test"


International Ring Size Chart Conversion


Diameter (mm) BAJ Ring Size JAPAN USA & CA UK German France
16.45 5 12 6 L - 1/2 16 1/2 51 1/2
17.3 6 14 7 O 17 1/4 54
18.2 7 16 8 Q 18 56 1/2
19 8 18 9 S 19 59
19.8 9 20 10 T - 1/2 20 61 1/2
20.6 10 22 11 V - 1/2 20 3/4 64
21.4 11 24 12 Y 21 1/4 66 1/2
22.2 12 26 13 --- 22 69





Your Wrist Size       Diameter (cm)
S 6
M 6.5
L 7